Quality Bra by All Body Shapes

Quality Bra by All Body Shapes

You have every reason to feel supremely confident about your body. Feelings of inferiority, self-consciousness, and consciousness of our body shape, engage you. This is a good thing. You just may have a problem—not in your breast size, but in your shape. “I have this rocking hot shape…” You are bent over, achieving breast expansion to meet the expanded waistline; but, this is not good. Your body is still changing.

One thing we can do to avoid this is to change our regular shopping routine. When we go to the mall, we can meet people of the same body type. We can look at each other with shared interests. We can attend panels, share ideas, get inspiration from each other’s successes and heartaches, become human again, friends. Beautiful clothes, accessories, and grooming are just for the future.

Another thing is, when we are at the mall, we should focus on those things that are universal, like great fitting, classy, comfortable, but also high on the fashion trends. Fashion is universal, not regional. It applies to big-breast women, small-breast women, petite women, etc. This is a time to catch up with fashion, not preserve its ephemeral existence.

Let us go back to our Western roots because this is where fashion comes from. Florentine fashion is primarily influenced by Greek and Roman history. In Italy, fashion styles were primarily attracted by the country of Rome, because of trade and exchange, respectively. Furthermore, the weather, seasons, climates, distinguished the fashion styles of each country. Fashion is a business and it “…goes on to serve the interests of those who make their fortunes from fashion”, not the reverse. As Toni Morrison wisely says in Conscious Sexy: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

We can extend this idea to our own days and create styles that are uniquely ours, reflecting our inner selves. Buying great-fitting, flattering clothes, lowering prices, working to change the world, is our business. Our idea of the perfect fashion style is given to us by our freedom to wear and freedom to express our inner selves, not by any secret sucker- sucking other people around.

Only you know your pattern, your facts, and your style. Your life happens, and it is a wonderful thing when fashion apathy disbands and a new life kicks in. When we experience reality and realize that we were born with a unique gift, a gift given to us by our uniqueness, we become the pilots of our life. This is a time to stop buying, to sit back, enjoy life to its fullest, enjoy deeply, and become what we wished we were—a politically correct Cassandra.

patched together, tabbed together, with patches and stripes and adorable little buttons, whatever your style is—get it, have it, wear it, love it, and if you’d like to be part of the change, be part of the change. It’s either going to get better or go away depending on us. But, if it’s not meant to be, then don’t expect it to go away. Regardless, if we, individually, bring about changes in our society, we will surely make it better. Our Franzangoiterations will ensure that it is no longer an either-or. We, as a people, will indeed make this world a better place to live in.

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